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Team Services

Lumber Purchasing Guidance – Save Hundreds of thousands of dollars by creating a proper lumber purchasing strategy from a leading seasoned expert.

Expert Recruiting Services for Mid to Executive-Level Personnel – Driven and focused on connecting people and positions aligned with company values, both clients and candidates benefit and grow.

Leadership Development – Where managers come to get help to become better leaders. We surround our clients with tools, resources, coaching/training to engage their employees and profitably grow their business fully.

M&A, Capital, and Strategic Advisory Services – A premier middle-market investment banking group providing merger and acquisition, capital raising, and strategic advisory services that focus on the building products industry.

Scheduling & Communication Software – Simplify all project information for your sales team. Customized to each company’s needs for managing, automating, and communicating all project information from anywhere!

Wood Truss Quoting Browser Application – 10x faster than Truss Software so you can Eliminate Your Quote Log!

TDC Primary Consulting Services

  • Short and Long Term Full-Service Assistance
  • All Department and Areas  - Sales, Design, Manufacturing, and Admin
    • Proven and Practical Lean Manufacturing based on Refined Industrial Engineering Methods
      • Increase Overall Productivity in all Departments - Not Just the Manufacturing
      • Reduce Mistakes and Improve Quality
      • Reduce 80% of the Repeated Questions asked Daily
      • Decrease Training Time for New Employees
      • Gain More of Your Valuable Time
    • Simplified and Tailored for Your Company with Practical Suggestions
  • Time Standards Development
    • Motion and Time Studies for Evaluations of Current and New Practices
    • Productivity Scheduling, Measurement, and Labor Cost Estimations
    • Units based on Man-Minutes, R.E. or S.U.
  • Equipment Recommendations
    • Unbiased with Absolutely No Referral Fees
    • Pros/Cons, and Expected Results
    • Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars - Equipment Pricing and Better Productivity with the Right Selection
  • Proper Productivity Incentive Programs for All Departments
    • Based on Proven Industrial Engineering Practices
  • P/L Improvement and Turnaround
    • Average Increase had Been 3 to 6 Point Net Profit Gains. However, Some Have Achieved Greater Than 10 Point Gains.
    • Typical Client Net Profit to Sales Ratios are 20 to 30 Percent During Strong Home Building Cycles.


Wood Truss and Wall Panel Manufacturing Consulting Services

Wood Truss & Wall Panel Manufacturing

Labor Time Standards for Accurate Wood Truss Labor Estimations

    • 120+ Different Time Elements (MM, S.U. or R.E.) for any Program Such as the MiTek MBA™ and MVP™, Alpine™ or Other
    • Time Standards can be Purchased Without a Paid Consultation
    • Time Standards Information Link

New Startup Wood Truss and Wall Panel Manufacturing Assistance and Prospectus Services

    • Avoid Costly Mistakes and Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars
    • Equipment, Building Size, Layout, Financial Ratios, Software, and Much More
    • Prospectus Services Link

Joe Tepe –Components – Division Manager, Co-Owner
Loveland, Ohio

In recent years, the market for component manufacturing businesses has changed drastically. Our industry has become extremely competitive. The drop in construction has caused manufacturers to reduce prices as far as possible in order to “get the job.” During this time, we are forced to question our estimating techniques. We believe that a critical key to success is the ability to identify our true cost on every job that we estimate. We have to be aware of the point at which the job is no longer profitable.

Todd provided us with time standards which were specific to the equipment that we use. This information allowed us to estimate our jobs with a dramatically increased level of accuracy on each project, regardless of its level of complexity. The time standards also gave us the information to measure our production and establish target output for each workstation in our shop.

Todd also offered suggestions for lean manufacturing practices, marketing, quality control, production, and design incentives. We continue to implement his ideas, which have received positive feedback from our customers. Each has resulted in improvements to our operations.

I recommend Todd’s consultation to any truss manufacturer, even during this difficult market. The expense of the consult was money well spent in improving our profitability.

If your group is thinking of improving or starting a new operation, give TDC a call. TDC has proven time and again that we are the go-to experts at reducing cost and improving productivity in all departments in the building industries.


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