Truss Manufacturing Time Standards

TDC has been perfecting the wood truss labor time standards (work minutes, R.E. or S.U.) that have been refined over two decades and used in over a hundred different companies. Time Standards Offered With or Without Consultation Services.

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A-1 Industries – Leader in Wood Truss Industries Uses Industrial Engineering Practices.

How One Wood Truss Industry Leader Uses Industrial Engineering Practices of Work Minutes to Excel

Time Standards Labor Estimations



Station Efficiency Ratings (Productivity)

Incentive Programs Using Efficiency Ratings

Pricing based on Reliable Labor Time Units.


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Keith Myers of Woodhaven Lumber & Millwork
Lakewood, NJ

“BF seems to be the national standard for truss manufacturers mainly because that’s what the software has typically reported. Additionally, lumber yards always deal with BF. The truth is, we pay labor dollars for time, not pieces, nor BF. Whether I have a 2x10 or a 2x4 wedge, it takes the same amount of time to pick it up and install it into a truss. When attempting to build a pricing model within a costing program, one needs lumber, plates, and labor. Labor is a measure of time, which is paid in dollars. Those dollars can be calculated easily with the proper data. It takes more time to build a 32-foot attic truss than a 32-foot fink, and the costing model should reflect that fact.”

I asked Keith, “Are you using the time standards for MM that I provided you during the consultation and, if so, how have they worked out for you compared to BF?” Keith replied, “Your time standards are perfect. They are far more accurate than BF. We are much more comfortable with the MM for the estimation of labor for both the pricing and shop scheduling. BF is just too unreliable for our needs. No more educated guessing for our costing and pricing.”

120+ Different Time Elements to Choose for Differing Conditions


Kylmala Truss
Keith Kylmala – Owner
Saginaw, MN

"We are an Alpine customer, and all I can say is Todd’s time standards are scary accurate! Once we set up the labor configuration file based on our equipment and practices, our truss software estimates the labor time and cost in a spectacularly accurate way. We love how many options there are to choose from with Todd’s time standards labor document. No more educated guessing for our costing and pricing.”

- Refined for over 20 years of consulting services 

- All time elements are based on minutes – May use as units of R.E. or S.U.

- All time elements adjust and account for “normal” staffing

- All based on equipment and type of materials

- Derived from proper industrial engineering practices of time and motion studies

- All types of saws and build tables with/without automation with expected results


Show the estimated time for each truss, and the batch, for the tables and saw.

Shown example below displays the time for the table per number of assemblers.


By the way, you can use TDC time standards alongside your current method, such as BF, and prove to yourself how much more accurate TDC time standards are using work-minutes (man-minutes estimation) for comparison.

Time Standards Offered With or Without
Consultation Services – Contact Todd for Details.


Leduc Truss Inc.
Gordon Tober, Co-Owner, and GM
Leduc, AB Canada

"The one area that started this process was our desire to refine our estimating techniques. Our equipment had changed dramatically over the years but our bidding time estimations had not been properly updated. Todd provided us with time standards that were specific to the equipment that we use. This information allowed us to estimate our jobs with a dramatically increased level of accuracy on each project, regardless of its level of complexity. The time standards also gave us the information to measure our production and establish target output for each workstation in our shop."

Over a 120 factors to choose from that can be inputted into  MiTek MVP™ and also
for the MBA™ for truss labor estimations.


Do you have MiTek MVP™ in your truss manufacturing but have failed to create a reliable labor estimation in the labor estimation setup? Do you need the MVP™ program to be more effective for estimating the labor man-hours for scheduling and efficiency ratings? Let TDC help you! My time standards have been created and refined over the past 20 years to adjust for most of the manufacturing equipment types and lumber material sizes.

The Alpine™ program and other truss labor estimating programs can also use these same factors.
TDC can either provide while at your location or simply email you the time (labor) standards for you to input yourself.

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Todd Drummond Consulting LLC is an independent consulting service and is not affiliated with the MiTek or the Alpine (ITW) Corporations. Alpine is both a copyright protected and registered trademark of the ITW Corporation. MiTek MVP and MBA are registered trademarks of the MiTek Corporation.  TDC time standards services apply only to the labor estimation and not to any other aspects of the truss estimation or labor tracking programs. 

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