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For almost 20 years, TDC has proven time and again that we are the go-to experts at reducing cost and improving productivity in all departments of the Wood Truss and Wall Panel, Modular Manufacturing, LBM, and Home Builder Industries.

Go beyond the typical truss plate and equipment vendor recommendations for your operations and do what so many others have dared to do. TDC does not receive any equipment or plate vendor royalties. If your company is planning on any equipment investment, let TDC recommend your company the best and unbiased solution that often saves clients tens of thousands of dollars while providing optimal results.


Many years of experience (since 1988) in multiple management positions in design, production and sales in numerous respectable companies. Four years of college and other training such as six sigma lean manufacturing and industrial engineering. However, none of that is truly as important as the full-time consulting work (2002) that has allowed me to spend so much time with so many different companies. Spending a minimum of a full week, sometimes multiple weeks and months, with each has allowed me not only to explain and demonstrate what I believe are better practices but also to learn from the companies involved. It became a cumulative experience that built a better service for the next client. I am honestly so grateful to hear from clients, most of whom have many decades of very successful leadership experience, which my advice has helped them improve their given situation.


√  Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. – A four-year program for Business Management from the University of Southern Maine

√  Certified Lean Six Sigma
√  Lean Manufacturing
√  Theory of Constraints
√  Time and Motion (Industrial Engineering)
√  Many other leading management and operational best practices


Four-year tour in the US Army (1984-1988)

√  Sergeant (E5)
√  M1A2 Abrams Battle Tank Crew Member
√  Intense military training that included non-commission officer
√  Intense team training exercises and programs

Numerous articles published in the industry trade magazines such as ProSales, Component Advertiser, and the SBCA.

ProSales http://www.prosalesmagazine.com/author/todd-drummond


Many speaking engagements as an expert for better ideas and practices within the component industry.



Just a partial listing of the many respectable companies that have enlisted my consulting services



McCabe Lumber
Joe Tepe

 Division Manager, Co-Owner
Loveland, Ohio

I recommend Todd’s consultation to any truss manufacturer, even during this difficult market.  The expense of the consult was money well spent in improving our profitability.


United Truss
Ed DeBiasio - President
Innisfil, ON Canada

Without a doubt, we made the right decision to hire Todd Drummond, and once fully implemented, we have no doubt that United Truss will reach heights we had never thought possible under our old regime.

  • Woodhaven Lumber (Lakewood, NJ)

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Typical Net Profit Gains are 3 to 6 Points

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