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Tomorrow's Headlines Today

What would you give to have a copy of next week's Wall Street Journal TODAY?

This what is exactly we do for lumber. A Sunday FORECAST, Wednesday BRIEFING, monthly BLUEPRINT, and lumber and OSB market forecasts project:

This seasoned expert has worked in lumber commodities for nearly four decades, drawing on a wealth of real-world experience. Hundreds of companies rely on his lumber buying strategies to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Volatility Can Be the Lumber Buyer's Best Friend

These phenomena create massive opportunities for lumber producers, wholesalers, lumber dealers, wood preservers, component manufacturers, and builders. Every company should have a well-thought-out strategic plan to properly manage their lumber purchasing to mitigate this pricing volatility as much as possible. We can help you.

Five Components of Our Lumber Plan for Your Operation

Collect Information

  • Historical: What has happened in the past under similar circumstances?
  • Current: What are the immediate influences?


  • Facts vs Emotions
  • Separate the Two

Determine a Like Impact

  • How do the traders' emotions interact with the facts?

Decide a Course of Action

  • What is the best buying (inventory management) and selling (job bidding) approach?
  • When should the strategy be implemented?


  • Pull the trigger with confidence.
  • ​Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved each year just by knowing which day of the week to buy lumber.


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