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Small Investments Can Garner Huge Gains for Productivity for Your Sales Team - The simple fact is most companies’ sales processes have not evolved for decades. Therefore, the sales and management teams are working far harder than they need to be to get the work done quickly and without any errors. Two critical constraints are causing all kinds of lost productivity.

Possible 30 Days Savings for the Home Builder Using Wall Panels - Did you know that, even though setting wall panels can save an average of eleven days compared to traditional stick-framing of walls, the overall home completion can have an average savings of 30 days when wall panels have been used?

Two Common Mistakes Cost at least 2-3 Points of Net Profit Every Year - We should not allow our egos to blind us from using better practices when we can utilize simple math to challenge our long-held beliefs of what we consider are best practices. This can all be verified by using some basic numbers to quantify what I am premising.

Board Footage Versus Proper Man-Minute Time Standards Truss Labor Estimation - There is too much emotional investment in a unit measurement method long-understood to be imperfect when there is an alternative that simply works.

Insider’s Secrets for the Buying/Selling of Component, Modular, and LBM Companies - From conversations with those who actually do the buying and selling - it could make or lose you millions of dollars depending on how you decide to handle the sale process. The people I have been talking with deal with hundreds of millions of dollars (No B.S.). It’s probably worth listening to them.

Truss & Wall Panel Manufacturing a Cash Cow Division - In the wood truss component industry, we have the independents, who are not associated with lumberyards, and then we have those who are owned by lumberyards. What I found striking is that the lumberyard owned and operated component manufacturers (CMs) consistently make far less money than the independently owned and operated CMs.

Truss and Wall Component Manufacturing For a Lumberyard - Pros and Cons - An anonymous former lumberyard CEO of 17 lumberyard locations explained to me that his two component manufacturing plants (CM) had made up only 10% of their sales yet contributed 30% of his net profits. He wished he had given the CM division far more focus and resources.

Employees - Wages, Retention and Productivity - A lot of companies claim to have very good employee practices, but too many deceive themselves. A common statement by employers is often, “We just cannot find the right employees to be dependable and work hard anymore.”

Incentive Program - Give Your Employees and Your Company a Raise - Imagine giving your employees a raise and actually making more net profit for your company. It is possible to do this in any company by simply implementing an effective productivity incentive program.

Bidding Practices that are Just Good Enough Can Cost Tens of Thousands in Additional Net Profit - If you were shown a better bidding method, would you allow your pride to prevent you from testing it and, if it works, taking the time to embrace it to improve your company’s bottom line? It is all too often stated, “This is the way we have been doing it for decades, and it is good enough.” Good enough bidding practices may be costing you tens of thousands of dollars in additional net profit.

Chris J. Wilkins

Managing Director - Nashville, TN

“We first brought Todd in for a week in the summer of 2019 to assess our operation. We were looking to make investments in upgrades but felt that someone like Todd would know where to spend the money first. After reviewing every inch of the operation, we decided on a game plan. Everything from personnel changing their responsibilities, to estimating, to design, to production – Todd had a way to make it better.

We were turning out good numbers on the top line, but the margins just were not there. Todd showed what we needed to do in order to make things better. Todd gave us a long list of ideas and upgrades that we could do all at once, a piece at a time or not at all. After sitting with him and putting together a plan, we put our cash to work investing in upgrades to the plant and the saws. We rearranged table setups, improved workflow, and after nine months of planning and executing, brought Todd back for a review and to give us another evaluation.

He was very impressed with what we had changed in a short amount of time, and we have seen the margins grow significantly. His ideas from years of experience have proven invaluable. Everything we did made our efficiencies better. We did not have the money to do all the suggestions, but we put a plan in place that prioritized what we needed first. As we scale up, we have the roadmap of what to do when we hit our milestones so as to continue growing.

We highly recommend Todd Drummond Consulting to anyone that is in the truss business. Even if you think you have it all figured out, which we knew we did not, he can make things better. Call him, get him to spend a week with you and it will be the best money you have ever spent.”


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