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M&A, Capital, and Strategic Advisory Services - A premier middle-market investment banking group providing merger and acquisition, capital raising, and strategic advisory services. Our principals bring a dedicated focus on the building products industry and a proven track record of completing transactions that meet our clients’ complex needs. We combine extensive knowledge of and contacts in the building products industry with persistence and a thorough understanding of achieving the optimal outcome when undertaking a transaction.


Biggest Insider’s Secret for the Buying/Selling of Component, Modular, and LBM Companies

What is the biggest secret of all that many company owners are totally unaware of?  Picking up that phone call and thinking you can handle buyers directly and the sale process on your own is the most common mistake made.  Buyers know they will typically save millions for the purchase price when dealing directly with sellers. This is very hard for some to hear, but it is true.  Why?  Because there is no way for you to know all of the ins and outs and what is “fair.”  Let’s be honest - you’re busy with your daily business needs, not focusing on what the market is for your business.  Folks who buy and sell businesses for a living will sometimes laugh about how a buyer can save millions when they do not have to go into the competitive bidding process that a good broker will make them go through.

Worried about how much a good broker will cost you?  Know that in the end, what you will find is that the fees charged by an expert broker are peanuts compared to what the added selling price will garner.  I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

Many of you are literally selling “your baby,” the livelihood that has been your whole world for many decades. It can be a very personal and emotional experience. The broker industry’s stereotype is similar to that of lawyers. Many refer to them as being worthless sharks who are only concerned about making the deal, but there are also the few who have an excellent reputation and are worth their weight in gold. Not only do good brokers find the best selling price you are going to get for your company, but they also make the whole process as painless as possible. It takes a lot of work to make a sale happen; the excellent broker knows how to prepare and execute everything to make it happen properly.

Those who are thinking about selling, heed this advice, use a reputable broker who knows our industry and can give you references from their clients with whom you can speak. If they don’t understand and are missing a real expert experience within our industry, why would you think they are worthy of handling the sale of your most valued, prized possession?

One Simple Call may Make you Millions More

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