Thinking of Selling your Company? Restructuring or Refinancing?

Here is a helpful article from conversations with those who actually do the buying and selling - it could make or lose you millions of dollars depending on how you decide to handle the sale process.

Click Link: Insider’s Secrets for the Buying/Selling of Component Companies


One of the costliest mistakes an owner can make is thinking you can handle the buyers directly. Buyers know they will save millions on the purchase price when dealing directly with sellers when there is little or no competition.

TDC has been collaborating with an expert financial advisory firm specializing in the building products and component manufacturing industry

With deep contacts in both component manufacturing and the financial world and gain access to far more potential suitors. This competitive approach earns clients far more than most expected.

This firm is extremely sophisticated and has a well-earned reputation for honesty and integrity that is already established within the building products and construction industry.  

There are plenty of referrals of services for this financial advisory firm from all the very largest and top leaders in our industry.
 For a confidential assessment or simply to discuss possibilities, contact TDC.  It will cost you nothing to find out more and to get the very best expertise on your side of the table.

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