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Yesler: The LBM Marketplace

Technology Solutions for the LBM Supply Chain


"I'm a huge proponent of using Yesler. It has made a large impact on me and my business."

Shane Soule, President, Protec Panel and Truss

Yesler gets your buying activity out of email, spreadsheets, phone calls, and notepads into an organized toolset. We created Yesler to empower lumber buyers with an efficient and organized method to keep up with the speed of lumber markets. All your trading conversations, quotes, orders, and documents in one easy-to-use place.

Yesler helps buyers to see more of the market, save time, and buy at the right price.

  • Get Better Deals
  • Keep Organized
  • Works With Existing Suppliers and Find New Ones


Quotes from Lumber Buyers


“Yesler has helped us to become extremely efficient and organized when it comes to our commodity lumber and panel buying.”


“It’s something that I really recommend, not only for efficiency, but for your ability to do your job better.”


“Yesler has helped us get better deals.”


“I’m a better purchaser using Yesler than I am using spreadsheets and making phone calls.”


"Yesler has helped us get better deals as both as a seller and as a buyer."

Steve Coppolla, Vice President, LENCO Supplies



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