Multi-Page Review with Performance Spreadsheet for Linear Saws

Linear_Saw_Image_monetThere are profound differences in productivity, service, and reliability that many equipment vendors are not willing to be truthful.

Sadly, too much gut decisions are being made that is based solely on the relationship with the vendors. TDC does not receive any referral fees for any equipment recommendations so you can count on unbiased advice to the decision process that may save you tens of thousands of dollars. TDC can provide you with a linear saw multi-page review and productivity spreadsheet.


11/01/17 - Note There is a monumental change in linear saw performance ratings!

Do Not Buy a linear saw without reading my updated report! There is a new system in play that you should consider.

Displayed Calulated Results

Observations and Comments

- Saw Hours to Complete Work

-Total LF, BF, and Number of PCS

-Efficiency Percentage Comparison

 Accuracy of Cuts

 Service and Reliability of Vendors

Displayed Calulated Results

- Saw Hours to Complete Work

-Total LF, BF, and Number of PCS

-Efficiency Percentage Comparison

Observations and Comments

-Accuracy of Cuts

-Service and Reliability of Vendors

All Major Brands and Models Included

1. Alpine ALS – Older Version

2. Alpine ALS – 276 Upgrade

3. Alpine ALS – High Speed

4. MiTek Blade

5. MiTek – Omni Miser

6. TCT XL Saw 1150 Version

7. TCT XL Saw Older Version (Cannot cut larger 2x)

8. Hundegger Turbo Drive SC-4

9. Hundegger Turbo Drive SC-3

10. Razor by Verta

11. Monet – New version as of Dec 2015

12. Monet – Older version

13. Randex SPL 728

14. 5 Blade component saw for comparison to linear saws

Multi-Page Review with Performance Spreadsheet for Linear Saws

Now only $490.00 USD per CM location.

Pay by credit card via a PayPal email link. A PayPal account is not needed.

However, for a better understanding of your location’s greater needs, please consider my consulting services which cover every aspect of the manufacturing process and much more. This linear saw time study offer is also included with my full consulting services. Consulting services can save tens of thousands of dollars compared to equipment purchases as stated in many of the testimonials.

For more information on consultation services,
please see Wood Truss & Wall Panel Manufacturing Consultation services page.

TDC – Unbiased advice with expert analysis.



Pete Bitney – Manager
E.B.C. Trusses Inc.

E.B.C. Trusses have been in business since 1973, so we have seen many changes through the years in our industry and its equipment. When we decided to purchase a linear saw it only made sense to contact Todd and get his opinion.

As a truss manufacturer, we didn’t have the time or the access to evaluate fully all of the linear saws that are available. Todd’s time study helped us to make an informed decision and potentially save thousands of dollars.

Thanks, Todd!

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