Wall Panel Manufacturing

Whether you are looking to start a new wall panel line or have an existing wall panel line that is in need of greater output and efficiencies, TDC can provide you with expert and proven advisement. 

Are you thinking about starting wall panel manufacturing? Get a wall prospectus from TDC and save tens of thousands of dollars by getting the very best advisement and avoid making costly mistakes.

Key information provided for wood wall panel and/or truss prospectus:

  • The typical prospectus would be 40+ pages that include the wall panels and/or roof truss manufacturing. Would be divided up into headers, page numbers, and a table of contents for easy reference.
  • All the key ratios for an understanding of financial matrix. An example is typical margins based on market types. The cost of labor and material according to sales and so on. Very crucial to understand what to expect from a profitable business.
  • Personnel requirements
  • Equipment recommendations and expected output.
  • Plate and software recommendations
  • Equipment, building, and land size recommendations (new and any client's existing)
    • Note that TDC does not make any referral money on any equipment or plate vendor recommendations.
    • The estimated cost of equipment is provided but not guaranteed. However, equipment cost can be easily verified by the client from the equipment vendors.
    • The estimated cost of the building(s) and land is not included with prospectus
    • TDC does make referral fees for AppWright communication software (https://www.todd-drummond.com/appwright/) and referral to mergers and acquisition firm.( https://www.todd-drummond.com/financial/)
  • All suggestions are based on the very latest lean manufacturing practices in mind.
  • Tailored to your current and future sales.




stopMost Wall Panel Lines Are Setup Wrong!

Climbing Up Onto the Table to Install Blocks is Wrong!

There is a Better Way.

If you are frustrated by poor performance or lack of capacity in your wall panel manufacturing? Give TDC a call before you buy expensive wall panel equipment or add onto your building.


Wallace Building Products Corp.
John Tauriello – President
Danbury, NH


Wallace develops and manufactures panelized wood building components and installs turnkey frame packages for commercial, multi-family, and residential construction projects in the Northeast US. We initially engaged Todd to introduce and implement lean manufacturing methods that would help us streamline our manufacturing and business processes. He brought much more!

Todd possesses analytical horsepower particularly strong knowledge about component manufacturing equipment and current best practices in our industry. He emphasizes a common-sense approach with plenty of real-world applications.

We have implemented several of Todd’s suggestions in our manufacturing processes and our business processes. In addition, he helped us plan and implement a relatively modest capital equipment investment that will help us dramatically increase our production capacity!

Todd was well worth our investment in his consulting services.


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