Quote Truss Project 10x Faster than Truss Design Programs


Do you have a 20-30% quote to order ratio? How many wasted hours is your design team producing drawings for quotes that never become orders? The same design team could easily produce 10x as many quotes or reduce the amount of time quoting by the same amount with Sum+It.







Each Project is Divided into Sections

  • Lots of Modifiers for Differing Conditions


Calculated Output

  • Cost of Lumber, Plate and Labor
  • Overhead and Margin
  • Many other outputs such as price per board foot and square foot.


Truss Quotes

  • Free up your designers and improve customer service.
  • One designer can now quote the same amount that 5 to 10 designers can do with most truss programs.
  • Most have reduced lead time for quotes to same day!


Fully Customization

  • Customized to suit your business. Easy to adjust labor and material costs to match your existing numbers.

Testimonial of Sum+It Truss Quoting Software

Like most truss manufacturers using modern truss design software, we had fallen into the trap of doing our quotes as if they needed to be shop ready. We knew we were putting way too much effort into our quoting, but what could we do? As soon as I was introduced to Sum+It, I knew we had the solution if it worked. We were up and running with Sum-It after a very fast training session and with very little data collection. Sum-It works!

Your Inventory

  • All your products, including hardware, can be easily added and integrated.


Not a Price Book, Square Foot or Database Search

  • This web-based application, with sophisticated algorithms, has been years in development.
  • Designed by a truss designer, with assistance from very experienced coders.


Contact Todd for a Demo

Most demos only take 20 minutes!


(603) 748-1051

Or simply register and Sum+It Support will contact you ASAP!


Free 45 day No Obligation Trial Period


Testimonial of Sum+It Truss Quoting Software

"We at GR Truss have been able to eliminate our lead time for producing reliable quote pricing on our complex roof and floor truss projects. What used to take many hours and sometimes days for each potential project, now only takes minutes.Sum+It states the goal is to price within ±5% of the truss programs, but often the quoted price is within a few dollars. To say that we are pleased with the speed and results is an understatement. No other program on the market will allow a truss company to reduce the demands of the design team like Sum+It. One designer can now do the work for quoting projects that five designers did in the past. This truss quoting program is truly a game changer."

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