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Scheduling Problems?

For some companies, scheduling is a massive headache that they are unable to tame and control. On the other hand, businesses that can schedule accurately are usually the same ones with the best net profits. When a company can plan its resources properly, it can be flexible for the higher-margin rush orders and process all the others in a timely and cost-effective fashion. If scheduling is something you are struggling with, here are four main causes of the problem and solutions to help you tame this standard issue.

Image result for why didn't you tell me1) Poor Communication Between Departments and Contractors: By far, the number one problem is poor communications because not everyone was correctly updated with timely information. Let’s face it: stuff happens all the time to cause delays or rushes and prevent critical information from being given to everyone in a timely fashion. Phone calls, emails, and other essential communication methods are guaranteed causes of dropping the ball because everything is static and requires direct communication from every individual after any event change. People get too busy or are distracted when something happens, and they fail to inform others in a timely fashion. And if this has been the primary cause of your headaches, why do you think more demands or training will help anything? You are only going to get more of the same results with your current practices and system.

Solution: A more efficient system is a cloud (web)-based automated system that provides every group and vendor’s current task status live, so it is updated as it is being completed. Nothing is static. A cloud-based system can also provide you withautomated update notifications. Everyone is made aware of any changes as they are happening via their cell phones and computers without having to speak directly with anyone.

Image result for cannot say no2) Always Scheduling at the Limits or the Scheduler Cannot Say No: This is like a self-inflicted wound. The scheduler knows that the schedules are overbooked or is scheduling everyone at their limits for too long of periods of time, so any missed productivity output causes missed deadlines.

Solution: Every group’s schedule is displayed online. Current capacity units and everyone’s limits are already allocated for every group. Because it is shared in an authorized semi-public forum, people who need this critical information are aware of any unrealistic bookings via their cell phone or computer.

3) Prior Task(s) are Holding up the Current Task and Schedules: How often has something been scheduled and yet not been ready for processing because the previous task was not yet completed? This is called dependency scheduling because one schedule is reliant on the previously scheduled task to be completed.

Solution: By using a scheduling system with automated dependencies, all of this could be resolved prior to actually becoming a costly delay. When any defined task is not completed by a defined date/time, an automated notice will be sent to those who can resolve the issue prior to holding up other groups. In other words, the schedule is self-monitoring and keeps everyone informed without the need for participants to constantly monitor themselves, so they can spend more time doing more productive work.

Communication 4) Not Having Timely Critical Information for Project Completion: Workers missing notes, emails, print updates or any other critical need-to-know-now information seems always to be a problem for many companies.

Solution: In the cloud, electronically link everything to each project’s name to quickly retrieve anything and everything. Every email, note, change document and other task information are always there for a salesperson or anyone else who is authorized to find it without having to call someone or go on a treasure hunt.

Now we have covered the four prime issues that affect accurate scheduling. Of course, you may have a combination of problems affecting your scheduling. If you are willing to resolve this scheduling problem with a cloud-based software solution, check out this link:



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